Shanel Wu

They/them. PhD student: smart textiles, weaving, computational craft, hardware hacking.

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14 May 2022

Serial MP3 player + ESP32 + speakers

28 Feb 2022

Pose-able Knitting

11 Aug 2021

Baking Experiments, Second Half of July 2021

Photo of a fruit tart in a pie tin, topped with slices of fresh plums, kiwis, and strawberries.

24 Jul 2021

Sliding Scale Pricing for My Knitting Patterns

Continuing my thoughts on re-engaging with Ravelry, pattern cataloging, pricing equity, etc. Writing out my sliding scale policy used in selling my knitwear patterns.

24 Jun 2021

Writing & ADHD: Part 2/?

Been trying out a lot of new things for my writing toolkit.

10 May 2021

Repairing a Micro-USB plug

WARNING: tech gore.

13 Apr 2021

Kickshaws Ankle Strap

My Kickshaws samples were prone to falling down the back of the foot, which I see as a major design flaw. In the interest of not beating myself up for releasing a pattern that I feel isn’t “good enough” (and feeling guilty for that), here’s a fix that I’ve developed.

07 Apr 2021

Loom Pedals V1 - Physical Design