Shanel Wu

They/them. PhD student: smart textiles, weaving, computational craft, hardware hacking.

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13 Apr 2021

Kickshaws Ankle Strap

My Kickshaws samples were prone to falling down the back of the foot, which I see as a major design flaw. In the interest of not beating myself up for releasing a pattern that I feel isn’t “good enough” (and feeling guilty for that), here’s a fix that I’ve developed.

07 Apr 2021

Loom Pedals V1 - Physical Design

10 Feb 2021

Re-engaging Ravelry

I’m selling my designs on Ravelry again, after much internal debate about effective action. TL;DR: since the pandemic began, I’ve been using all of my income outside of my student stipend to contribute to mutual aid. Ravelry was most of that income. I think it’d be better and more impactful for me to restart that income stream so I can contribute more to my community.

18 Dec 2020

On Writing with ADHD

An excerpt from a short reflective essay on making a presentation for seminar.

17 Nov 2020

German Short Row Analysis

Step-by-step drawings of needles and yarn making a double stitch

22 Jul 2020

Coop Automation V1 - Automated Run Door

r/arduino - Arduino/ESP32-powered automated chicken coop door

15 Jan 2020

The Unfabricate Zine: a Handbook for Unravelling Thrifted Things Into Yarn

One of the early parts of the Unfabricate project was making a zine. I didn’t really finish the zine until recently, but here it is: a PDF version for BROWSER and a PDF version for printing as a BOOKLET (CONTENTS and COVER, paper size is 8.5 x 11”). Print yourself a copy and take it to the thrift store. Have fun.

29 Oct 2019

Using a Pi with AWS Services

Screenshot of temperature/humidity GUI accessed via HTML