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30 September 2019

Raspberry Pi, PyQT, and GUI design

by Shanel

Screenshot of temperature/humidity sensor GUI displayed by Raspberry Pi

Installation Sources

Python (make sure it’s version 3+)

  1. MySQL
  2. MatPlotLib
  3. DHT Temperature/Humidity sensor by AdaFruit
  4. PyQT5

Other software

Installed on Raspberry Pi with sudo apt-get

  1. QT Designer (comes with PyQT)
  2. VNC Connect (Server)

Installed on personal machine (Windows 10)

  1. VNC Connect (Viewer) - sign up for VNC Cloud Connect to access Pi no matter what network you’re on
  1. QRangeSlider Widget (which we modified into a vertical version)
  2. How to customize widget appearances and how to dynamically update them
  3. How to define custom behaviors for widgets
  4. How to insert MatPlotLib figures in the main QT window