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They/them. PhD student: smart textiles, weaving, computational craft, hardware hacking.

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2 October 2019

Smart Circle: Testing and Unravelling a Woven Smart Textile

by Shanel

Testing and Unravelling a Woven Smart Textile from Shanel Wu on Vimeo.

Things have been too hectic to post regular updates, but between the previous woven unravelling and now, I actually did some more weaving and unravelling. I scaled the technique up to a larger piece with a more complex shape (i.e. curved, non-rectilinear edges), which meant that I also needed a larger, more complex loom.

I used the rigid heddle loom (Schacht Cricket), which had already been warped for sampling. I used the doubled warp method in a supplemental warp on top of the ground warp.

The final piece was used as an analog input (a potentiometer or position sensor) in a simple circuit. Our cheesy name for it was the “Smart Circle”.