Shanel Shall

PhD student: smart textiles, weaving, computational craft, hardware hacking.

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Smart Circle: Testing and Unravelling a Woven Smart Textile

Raspberry Pi, PyQT, and GUI design

Screenshot of temperature/humidity sensor GUI displayed by Raspberry Pi

Reading Assignment 2 - Users and Tasks

While many of these concepts about who users are and what tasks are involved in a system are fairly intuitive, I found these readings useful for terms that rigorously labelled the concepts. If anything, I’ll just sound a lot more technically competent if I write “task decomposition” rather than “to-do list”.

Assignment 1 - The Deep Dive

Reading response for Assignment 1: The Deep Dive, a video about IDEO, an influential design firm. Video link.

Designing Solutions to the Apple TV Remote

Design charrette - inspired by Don Norman’s work, a short, collaborative meeting to quickly collaborate on or sketch ideas in order to share a broad diversity of design ideas. Our task: redesign the Apple TV Remote.

Introduction to CSCI5839

Hello! My name’s Shanel and my pronouns are they/them/theirs. This is the first blog post I’m making on this site for CSCI5839, a course on User Centered Design that I am taking in the Fall 2019 semester.

Unravelling a Shape Weaving

Shape Weaving Experiment Diagrams

Diagrams of 3 shape weaving experiments' warp systems

Shape Weaving Experiment 3

Woven rectangle using a double continuous warp

Shape Weaving Experiment 2

Woven square with a tightened continuous warp

Shape Weaving Experiment 1

Woven random shape finished with knots

Zoom Loom Button

Press button woven with black and white yarns and stainless steel conductive

ADNS-9800 Optical Mouse Sensor

Things I’ve learned so far about the ADNS-9800 sensor that we used to sense motion like an optical mouse does. Purchased breakout board from here.

Continued RN-42 tinkering

I was able to get the mouse HID profile working on the RN-42 module.


Hello world!